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Bold Bedrooms: 4 Unusual Colour Combinations for an Utterly Fabulous Finish

Decided to upscale the look of your bedroom with a fresh coat of paint, but are at a loss for inspirational themes and ideas? There's no need to be colour shy when you want to make a bold statement in your bedroom. Use these unusual colour combinations as the stepping-stone to designing a totally unique bedroom that is filled with your personality and character. Get your painters to work on different combinations and finalise the colour look you like best in your bedroom.

Blue & Orange Deliver an Explosion of Romance & Cosiness

Blue and orange are contrasting colours that create a cosy and romantic atmosphere. If you have a light and airy bedroom, consider darker shades of blue to bring some depth to the room. Blue also helps cool the room down when it is warm and runny for a dreamy atmosphere. A blue bedroom can incorporate a range of blues with explosions of orange to brighten up the space in a celebration of unique colouring. Get your painters to bring a host of colours to determine how they blend on a bigger scale.

White, Turquoise & Lemon for a Dramatically Swanky Look

There's something divinely elegant about white flooring, but throw in a splash of dramatic lemon and turquoise and watch as the bedroom transforms with a classy upmarket finish. Turquoise and lemon are bright wall colours that add a lively feel to the bedroom by infusing a sense of personality and chicness. Before deciding on the precise shades, ask the painters to get swatches of different shades to decide on the perfect combination.

Flushed Red & Serene Aqua for a Spicy Statement

Bedroom colours can be as neutral or vivid as you like. But if you want to add some spice into your bedroom, consider a combination of flushed red with serene aqua for a truly eclectic feel. The rich warmth of red harmonises beautifully with the calm tranquility of aqua to create an ultra inviting bedroom that delivers both style and flair. This powerful paint combination can be complemented with neutral-coloured bedroom furniture for a well-groomed bedroom look.

Yellow & Purple for a Regal Finish

If you want to create a bright and bold bedroom, consider adding a bright yellow colour with pops of purple along the panels and ceiling edges for a regal finish. The purple-finish on the walls offers a plush and elegant look to the bedroom. Dress your bedroom furniture with velvet fabrics for a truly regal look to the bedroom. Choose the exact shades once the painters create samples of a few yellow and purple combinations.

When planning bold combinations, make sure you choose professional painters that are acquainted with blending and working with a range of colours to get the best effect for your bedroom. Use these combination ideas to unleash your imagination for creating your own personal bedroom space.