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4 Feature Wall Colour Combinations That Resonate Best With A Grey Bedroom

Decided to go with a grey scheme for your bedroom? You've made a good choice because contemporary shades of grey have been constituted to resonate well in combination with a myriad of colours. If you're planning a feature wall in your grey bedroom to display attractive lampshades and paintings, work closely with your residential painters and use these colour combination ideas for your grey bedroom.

Neutral Colours Display Subdued Appeal

Your bedroom is a haven for relaxation, so if you're looking for subdued appeal for your feature wall, then neutral colours like beige, cream, off-white and taupe work best for your needs. These neutral shades will work closely with your grey bedroom scheme by fading into the background, while you bring your feature wall elements to life. Because of the subdued background brought together by grey and neutral, you'll have the opportunity to highlight some of your bright bedroom elements. 

Earthy Colours Refashion The Appeal Of Nature

If you're looking to invoke nature's appeal in your bedroom, then you may want to choose colours like orange, brown and rust to resonate with natural elements like mud and stone in your grey bedroom when working with residential painters. This feature wall colour tone works best when you're looking to create a rustic bedroom look with larger and bulkier bedroom elements set against your feature wall.

Bright Colours Conjure A Sense Of Boldness

While you probably have subtle grey on your other walls, the idea of a bright colour like purple or red is extremely appealing because it brings eclectic life and boldness into an otherwise gentle room. This colour scheme is excellent for homeowners who want to pair subtleness with boldness because it allows you the freedom to introduce interesting bedroom pieces that add character and charm to the room. For instance, a colourful abstract painting may look out of place in a plain coloured bedroom, but will look perfectly at home in a room with another bold element, like a bright feature wall.

Cheery Colours Create Bright Allure

Grey is regarded as a subtle colour, so you can introduce some liveliness into your bedroom with cheerful colours like yellows and greens. These colours can brighten up a space tremendously and work best when paired with modern bedroom elements because of their contemporary appeal. For instance, add a bright yellow chair to go with your yellow feature wall for creating a fashionable reading space within your bedroom. You can also add a yellow rug to infuse cheeriness into the room.

When working with your painters, use these ideas as an opportunity to plan your own colours for your grey bedroom's feature wall.