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Guide to Delegating Paint Finishes Around Your Home

Painting your home is a fun process as you get to flex your creativity and choose colours that will add character to the different rooms in your home. However, a mistake some people make is simply focusing on colour palettes plus the kind of mood they are trying to create in each room, and forget to consider the types of finishes that would be suited for the various applications. Paints come in several types of sheens to make them functional for different environments. Below is a quick guide to delegating paint finishes around your home.

Matte sheen

This type of paint finish is ideal for the low traffic areas around your home such as your bedroom, a study or a home office. The consistency of the paint tends to appear muddier than regular paint. Once it has been applied on the walls, the colour of the matte paint has a tendency to appear darker than what it seemed to be when it was still in the paint can. A primary benefit of matte sheens is that they are fantastic for camouflaging flaws on your walls. Therefore, if you would like to hide glaring chips and cracks, a matte finish would be an ideal choice. Nonetheless, matte finished do have a drawback, which is that stains on a matte finish can be extremely tedious to remove. Thus, they may not be suitable for rooms that accommodate children.

Satin sheen

Satin finishes remain an attractive option for residential painting as they are an all-round polish, which means that the satin finish would be functional in any room ranging from the kitchen to living spaces. If the satin finish is to become dirty, they can easily be wiped down without the risk of the paint fading from the wall. Additionally, satin sheens do have a degree of glossiness to them so that they will contribute to the illumination in the room. Lastly, satin sheens lend paint a deeper finish as compared to a matte finish, which works to make the walls appear warm. Overall, if you are looking for a fuss-free paint finish that can be used in your entire home, a satin sheen would be your best bet.

Glossy sheen

This type of paint finish is available in two main varieties; the high gloss sheen and the semi-gloss sheen. This kind of finish is designed for wet rooms, as it will not absorb moisture, which reduces the risk of water damage. It is also quite simple to maintain, as it is easy to clean. Nevertheless, gloss finishes tend to accentuate imperfections on your walls.

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