4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Painters for Your Commercial Property

If the exterior of your commercial building is looking tired and worn out, you may not have considered the benefit of a new coat of paint. Painting your property can help to breathe new life into it. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of using a professional painting service. Professional painters do an excellent job While slapping a bit of paint onto the side of your property may seem really easy, like so many things in life, it is in fact much more difficult than it appears to be.

5 Exterior Painting Rules You Should Follow

Exterior painting projects present challenges that cause many inexperienced homeowners to produce unsatisfactory results. However, non-professionals can take on exterior painting tasks if they know the critical rules of such tasks. This article discusses some of these guidelines. Pick the Right Paint You should start by considering the different types of paint available on the market. Latex paint is better for exterior use due to its UV treatment. Alkyd paint can deteriorate quickly due to damage by the elements.

Reasons to Embark On Exterior Painting When Summer Rolls Around

Although Australia does experience favourable weather conditions for the most time of the year, undoubtedly summertime is what most people look forward to. Not only do you get a chance to catch up with friends, but it is also the perfect time to take on a few home improvement projects, too. One of the tasks that you could consider embarking on is exterior painting. You may think that painting the exterior of your home will be arduous due to the sweltering heat, but the reality is that this season is the best time to paint your residence.

Guide to Delegating Paint Finishes Around Your Home

Painting your home is a fun process as you get to flex your creativity and choose colours that will add character to the different rooms in your home. However, a mistake some people make is simply focusing on colour palettes plus the kind of mood they are trying to create in each room, and forget to consider the types of finishes that would be suited for the various applications. Paints come in several types of sheens to make them functional for different environments.

5 Tips for Avoiding Concrete Cancers When Putting in a Concrete Wall

If you want to minimise the risk of concrete cancer in your cement walls, you need to have strategies in place as you put in the wall. There are a few different ideas that can help. 1. Avoid Magnesium Oxide Boards When making your concrete walls, you can use plywood, fibre cement sheets, or a range of other materials to support the concrete. Ultimately, you smear the concrete onto these materials, and it sets to become your wall.

4 Feature Wall Colour Combinations That Resonate Best With A Grey Bedroom

Decided to go with a grey scheme for your bedroom? You've made a good choice because contemporary shades of grey have been constituted to resonate well in combination with a myriad of colours. If you're planning a feature wall in your grey bedroom to display attractive lampshades and paintings, work closely with your residential painters and use these colour combination ideas for your grey bedroom. Neutral Colours Display Subdued Appeal

Painting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Painting is one of the home improvement projects that homeowners can do on their own. However, many think it is just a matter of mixing paint and getting a brush to put that paint on the surface. This thinking results in many mistakes that compel the homeowner to repeat the job much sooner, or the painted surface doesn't look attractive due to the shoddy workmanship. This article discusses three common painting mistakes that you should avoid.

How to Choose Protective Paints and Coatings for Concrete Floors and Surfaces

Painting concrete, whether a garage floor or the inside of basement walls, can be a good way to cut down on water leaks and moisture that may seep through the material. It can also make the concrete look more attractive overall, especially if that garage floor has stains that you simply cannot remove. However, once you start to shop for protective paints and coatings for concrete, you may note that there are several options available when it comes to the type of paint and the protection it offers.

4 Pro Commercial Painting Tips to Know

When you're painting any large area in a commercial facility, it's usually best to call professional painters like ANP Painting Contractors to handle the job. Painting is often more involved than you may realise, and it's vital that you prep the surface properly and use the right tools and materials to get a smooth finish. Commercial painters will be experts at this. However, if you do decide to paint a small area of your home or office, note a few commercial painting tips from the pros.

Wall Painters | 3 Fabulous Ways To Pick The Perfect Paint Inspiration For Your Home

Finding the perfect painting palette for your home can be a daunting task − there's just so many choices when it comes to colours, shades, textures and hues. But it doesn't have to be difficult when you break down the decision for each room in the house. And if you're feeling confused, you can always get the opinion of the painters you have hired to do the job without compromising on your taste and style.