5 Tips for Avoiding Concrete Cancers When Putting in a Concrete Wall

If you want to minimise the risk of concrete cancer in your cement walls, you need to have strategies in place as you put in the wall. There are a few different ideas that can help. 1. Avoid Magnesium Oxide Boards When making your concrete walls, you can use plywood, fibre cement sheets, or a range of other materials to support the concrete. Ultimately, you smear the concrete onto these materials, and it sets to become your wall. [Read More]

4 Feature Wall Colour Combinations That Resonate Best With A Grey Bedroom

Decided to go with a grey scheme for your bedroom? You've made a good choice because contemporary shades of grey have been constituted to resonate well in combination with a myriad of colours. If you're planning a feature wall in your grey bedroom to display attractive lampshades and paintings, work closely with your residential painters and use these colour combination ideas for your grey bedroom. Neutral Colours Display Subdued Appeal [Read More]

Painting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Painting is one of the home improvement projects that homeowners can do on their own. However, many think it is just a matter of mixing paint and getting a brush to put that paint on the surface. This thinking results in many mistakes that compel the homeowner to repeat the job much sooner, or the painted surface doesn't look attractive due to the shoddy workmanship. This article discusses three common painting mistakes that you should avoid. [Read More]

How to Choose Protective Paints and Coatings for Concrete Floors and Surfaces

Painting concrete, whether a garage floor or the inside of basement walls, can be a good way to cut down on water leaks and moisture that may seep through the material. It can also make the concrete look more attractive overall, especially if that garage floor has stains that you simply cannot remove. However, once you start to shop for protective paints and coatings for concrete, you may note that there are several options available when it comes to the type of paint and the protection it offers. [Read More]