Painting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Painting is one of the home improvement projects that homeowners can do on their own. However, many think it is just a matter of mixing paint and getting a brush to put that paint on the surface. This thinking results in many mistakes that compel the homeowner to repeat the job much sooner, or the painted surface doesn't look attractive due to the shoddy workmanship. This article discusses three common painting mistakes that you should avoid.

How to Choose Protective Paints and Coatings for Concrete Floors and Surfaces

Painting concrete, whether a garage floor or the inside of basement walls, can be a good way to cut down on water leaks and moisture that may seep through the material. It can also make the concrete look more attractive overall, especially if that garage floor has stains that you simply cannot remove. However, once you start to shop for protective paints and coatings for concrete, you may note that there are several options available when it comes to the type of paint and the protection it offers.

4 Pro Commercial Painting Tips to Know

When you're painting any large area in a commercial facility, it's usually best to call professional painters like ANP Painting Contractors to handle the job. Painting is often more involved than you may realise, and it's vital that you prep the surface properly and use the right tools and materials to get a smooth finish. Commercial painters will be experts at this. However, if you do decide to paint a small area of your home or office, note a few commercial painting tips from the pros.

Wall Painters | 3 Fabulous Ways To Pick The Perfect Paint Inspiration For Your Home

Finding the perfect painting palette for your home can be a daunting task − there's just so many choices when it comes to colours, shades, textures and hues. But it doesn't have to be difficult when you break down the decision for each room in the house. And if you're feeling confused, you can always get the opinion of the painters you have hired to do the job without compromising on your taste and style.

Bold Bedrooms: 4 Unusual Colour Combinations for an Utterly Fabulous Finish

Decided to upscale the look of your bedroom with a fresh coat of paint, but are at a loss for inspirational themes and ideas? There's no need to be colour shy when you want to make a bold statement in your bedroom. Use these unusual colour combinations as the stepping-stone to designing a totally unique bedroom that is filled with your personality and character. Get your painters to work on different combinations and finalise the colour look you like best in your bedroom.